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Digital transformation for a leading German railcar MRO group

The Situation

A leading European railcar MRO* group contracted Lansdowne Digital to support them in defining and driving their digital strategy & transformation.  The organization lacked the required capabilities and know-how to develop a robust digital transformation strategy & roadmap and struggled with outdated IT systems and limited process standardization

Our Approach

01.  Initial Assessment

Assessment of the market, financial, production and supply-chain processes & organization as well as the existing IT & data landscape and requirements

02.  Strategy Development

Developed a digital transformation strategy and support framework for the organization

03.  Business Case

Developed a business case and plan including a roadmap of various digital initiatives

04.  Roll Out & Evaluation

Pilot and roll-out of digital initiatives according to plan; Lansdowne also provided on-site support of implementation via a process re-engineering, software development & integration as well as change management

Outcome & Value Impact

Developed client’s digital strategy, roadmap and business case; Successfully implemented initial digital solutions to improve lead times and enhance data quality.  Over the next cases, we highlight specific areas in which we helped them transform their business.

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