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Digitizing the wheelset maintenance process for a leading German railcar MRO group

The Situation

As part of the digital transformation of the railcar MRO Group, Lansdowne Digital optimized and standardized their maintenance processes across multiple centres with the aim of reducing both work errors and the time spent on paperwork and administration whilst providing the staff with the information they need when they need it

Our Approach

We developed and launched a new management platform for the wheelset workshops that both controls the operative and logistics processes and manages wheelset pools with clients, third party workshops and transport companies.  From the beginning the software was designed as a multi-platform solution, operating on mobile devices, browsers and plant workstations.  Lansdowne Digital not only developed and implemented the platform but also ensured that all stakeholder was not only trained in its use but also understood the benefits of the new system to ensure buy-in and utilization

Outcome & Value Impact

With the new system in place, the company saw a 50 % reduction of documentation lead-times, whilst error rates were reduced by 99%.  In addition to this, a new level of process transparency was established to better empower their employees.

The next case study highlights how we maximised efficiency by ensuring all employees had access to correct, up-to-date information as and when they needed it

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