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Implementing industrial mobile solutions for a German railcar MRO Group

The Situation

A key part of the wheelset management optimization was an improvement to work processes across multiple maintenance centres with the aim of reducing both errors and the time spent on paperwork and administration whilst providing the staff with the information they need when they need it

Our Approach

Lansdowne Digital developed a digital strategy that was instrumental in transforming inefficient processes by identifying time-consuming and redundant steps within the workflow conducting a value stream mapping.

To facilitate this strategy, customized software solutions were developed including a bespoke mobile and desktop app to streamline admin, access and process for recording damage, maintenance schedules and invoicing

This app was designed to interface to the organisations existing ERP system to ensure a total overhaul of software was avoided

Outcome & Value Impact

This new mobile solution increased the efficiency of data capture, quality and overall repair process from client communication to company invoicing.  This system also significantly improved employee productivity and empowerment by providing them with the information they needed and removed the need to duplicate tasks (manually and then digitally)

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