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We help businesses fast track strategic digital change by blending industry-leading expertise with state-of-the-art systems and solutions excellence

Who we are

Lansdowne Digital is an international management & technology consultancy and an integrated business of the award-winning Lansdowne & Company management advisory firm.  We support and guide our clients in meeting the challenges of successful digital business transformation, combining organisational and process excellence along with outstanding digital solutions and data analysis competences









What we do

We leverage industry experts to provide seamless digital service propositions and products to support businesses on everything from developing digital corporate strategies to implementing customized solutions

Digital Strategy.jpg

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy review & development, CRM, big data analysis & reporting, digital commercial due diligence

System Integration.jpg

Systems Integration

System blueprint development, strategic sourcing of providers, system framework planning, integration of solutions

Digital Transformation.jpg

Digital Transformation

Transformation business case & design, process & organisational reengineering, transformation & change management

Solution Developement.jpg

Solution Development

Tailored B2B & B2C Middleware & interface development, big data capture & reporting solutions, supply chain acceleration solutions

Meet our team


Tobias Hofmann

Digital Strategy & Transformation

20+ years of top management advising, leading numerous international strategy transformation and turnaround programs.  Deep expertise in supply chain and production process re-engineering


Jan Knochenhauer

Project Management Systems Integration

An associated advisor with 15+ years of project management experience in large scale I.T projects with a focus on hard and software integration & operations


Dr Florian Rupp

Big Data, Reporting & Cyber Security

15+ years of top management advising, leading and planning successful digitization projects.  Professor of mathematics with a focus on stochastic dynamical systems


José Tena

Software Engineering & Integration

7+ years as a software architect in transportation, automotive, consumer electronics and vending.  Has led various industry digitization projects and expert in M2M data migration within Industry 4.0


Andres de Vega

Systems Development & Integration

7+ years of digital transformation experience and technical advisor on company restructuring processes and vertical digital transformation


Samuel Matzeder

Digital Process Re-engineering

5+ years on digital transformation and restructuring projects, experienced change management advisor & expert in the conception of business processes in the context of I.T

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