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Developing a bespoke vending machine reporting system for a leading Spanish vending machine operator

The Situation

A leading Spanish vending machine operator with more than 10.000 machines and 150+ logistics staff to physically control, supply and maintain its vending machines.  Lansdowne Digital was tasked with optimizing its workforce intensive operations to drive cost efficiencies in a market suffering from decreasing revenues and margins

Our Approach

Lansdowne Digital helped the transformation of an old operating model by developing and implementing an entirely new digital logistics and marketing solution this included:


  • Integrating modems into all vending machines and brands to automate reporting and stock checking to increase agility and reduce $ cost of labour

  • Created a single platform to aggregate all machine data (logistics, payment and marketing data) in a central location

  • Aligned with key personnel, a reporting application has been developed to control machine logistics and product marketing information centrally

Outcome & Value Impact

With all machines fully accessible via mobile devices, just in time logistics and marketing reporting was implemented.  This breakthrough technology solution enabled the company to act with more agility based on real-time data and significantly decreased costs of inventory, manpower and transportation

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