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Developing custom Electronic Data Interchange solutions for a leading German railway MRO group

The Situation

Whilst much work was done on improving the efficiency of internal platforms and processes, the final pillar in the digital transformation was increasing efficiencies between the group and their external partners to optimise areas around client communication, invoicing, purchasing and workflow.  The current manual processes led to significant issues with errors and reconciliation, costing time and money

Our Approach

Lansdowne Digital developed and integrated an innovative E-invoice generator for this organisation to reduce manual input into the processes, minimize errors and shortened turnaround times for invoicing.   This system focussed on three key areas


  • Importer for invoice data from the company’s ERP (tasks and articles invoiced)


  • Input mask for entering additional invoice data - Plausibility checks and data review on user’s interface


  • Generation and download of the e-invoice file

Outcome & Value Impact

Manual input into the finance and billing process was reduced by 40%, however, this reduced overall errors by 90% drastically reducing the time it took to invoice clients and pay suppliers and keeping on top of all ongoing and outgoing payments

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